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Mayfield Lavender Farm, a lil' piece of France in England

Mayfield Lavender Farm is a family run business located in North Surrey, conveniently just 15 miles away from central London. As you can imagine when we arrived to our desired spot we weren’t the only ones with cameras in our hands; this place is basically a photographers dream!

This quirky little farm is fully organic so that means no nasties, i.e. pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers!

As we got there, we were pleasantly surprised that the entry was only £1, giving you great value for money! If you decide to give it a go, bare in mind it’s open 9am to 6pm from Monday to Sunday.

As usual, before embarking in any adventure we did our lil’ research and found out the farm is blooming from late April but at it’s nicest and brightest around mid June through till early August.

Amongst all of this bright purple amazingness we also found they have an old school English telephone box in the middle of the 25 acre field, which we though really added an amazing quirky touch to this place. To top it off, the farm is dog friendly, which we love and were fortunate enough to meet two of the cutest huskies in the world!

After we had heaps of fun playing around and taking pictures in the field, we took a stroll back to grab a coffee. The 100% organic café there is incredible, serving up a whole bunch of lavender infused drinks and treats. The shop they have also sells basically anything you could want with lavender in it, oils, fragrances and even lavender short biscuits – CLICK HERE to check the recipes!

So now you know, you don’t have to to go Provence in France next time you fancy getting lost in amazing lavender fields, there’s one just a stones throw away from London.

As you probably know, we are always looking to visit new and wonderful places, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or for collaborations.


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