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Escape the Ordinary with UGA ESCAPES

Unreal wildlife, scenic train rides, ancient culture, mountains, tropical beaches and the best tea in the world, Sri Lanka has it all!

There is a reason why this country has been voted the best travel destination of 2019, don’t you agree?

So when we had the chance to experience it with Uga Escapes, a boutique hotel chain in Sri Lanka that offers luxury while preserving the country’s cultural heritage, the answer was an obvious yes.

What we loved the most about this place was their conscious approach to preserving the environment through sustainable practices at all times.

We had the pleasure of staying in three of their properties, covering most of the northern and east southern part of the country.

From Safari trips to cultural experiences; from ancient heritage to tropical beaches, all the way to luxury days, Uga Escapes opens up a very special journey through Sri Lanka. Their wisely chosen locations of the hotels, working out as ideal spots to explore the variety of this country, plus the friendliest and most experienced stuff in the business have made our stay absolutely unforgettable.



Located not to far from Trincomalee city, Jungle beach is a picturesque ocean resort. The only way to describe it is an Oasis which gives you tranquillity, with a 5-star service combined whilst blending in with its surrounding flora, the resort looks and feels like a luxurious tree house.

Jungle Beach offers the perfect spot to check out the local attractions along the less explored eastern coast of the island, or soak up some sun in beauty of the untouched beach and indulge in some pampering from the spa treatments on offer.


We stayed in a beach cabin which had incredible vaulted ceilings, a thatched roof and private outdoor terraces with direct access to the beach – AMAZNG! The rooms are super stylish the way the mixed modern amenities with classic Sri Lankan touches.

Click here to see the full accommodation on their website


Jungle Beach offers the perfect secluded hideaway for you to enjoy some personal time to indulge in a variety of relaxing treatments on offer in a truly unique setting. With the winning combo of ocean backdrop and jungle bliss create the an unbeatable atmosphere where you can experience the healing powers of aromatherapy or beauty treatments.


If the beach isn’t your choice of place to relax, Jungle Beach also has a lovely pool where you can chill out with a bar close by so you can sit around and enjoy a drink and soak up some sun.


We stayed on a full board basis (breakfast, lunch & Dinner), all of which is an a la carte menu. We are don’t eat meat and the offered incredible veggie options and were extremely flexible in catering to any food requirements. To top this all of the food is organic and mostly grown on their property.


We dined on the beach on our second night – which was also Gigi’s birthday. We enjoyed a private candle lit barbeque on the beach with a personal chef and waiter serving up local Sri Lankan cuisine, while eating under the stars and to top this they also light up a beach fire. The guys were so sweet and made her a personal birthday cake to top the night.



Set amongst the golden dunes and the lush greenery in Yala, Chena Huts by Uga Escapes blends Sri Lanka’s most celebrated features – its tropical beaches and its exotic wildlife.

Yala hotel has been designed with its surrounding tropical jungles and saline lake in mind. Enveloped in a world of scenic splendour and exotic fauna, our ‘huts’ are luxurious private cabins that offer awe-inspiring views of the surrounding wilderness and seascape.


Chena Huts has just fourteen luxurious 1130sq-ft guest cabins spread over spacious seven-acre property and they’re all incredible!

The huts are beautifully designed to blend in with nature, while the interior make highlight the safari theme in a very tasteful way with log furniture and African-style rustic décor.

All cabins have a huge comfy bed, en suite private bathrooms with a BIG free-standing bathtub and twin vanity controls. All are super modern with variable-intensity central lighting, a 42” LED TV, minibar, tea and coffee and twice daily housekeeping facilities. If this wasn’t enough, every cabin has a outdoor decks with a private built-in 5m plunge pool.

Click here to see the full accommodation on their website


Chena Huts offers access to Sri Lanka’s largest and oldest National Park, which has the highest leopard population density in the world. Yala stuns visitors with its variety of biomes – monsoon, semi-deciduous and thorn forests, grasslands, freshwater, marine wetlands and sandy beaches where the only footprints you will see belong to foraging birds and animals. Broadcasting 44 different resident mammal species and dozens of reptile species including turtles, crocodiles, flying snakes and elegant fan-throated lizards. Yala has no less than 215 resident and migrant birds, of which the flamboyant peacock is one of the most common. Excursions throughout the region can be arranged based on request. There are plenty of places to visit in Yala and you can explore Sri Lankan wildlife and nature at Chena Huts, making the most of your escape.


Despite being hidden away in the wilds, Chena Huts hosts on the most luxurious spas in Sri Lanka. With a range of indulgent spa treatments and remedies, our resort is an idyllic sanctuary of relaxation.


If the beach isn’t your choice of place to relax, Chena Hut’s pool is an awesome alternative where you can enjoy the tranquil environment and enjoy a drink and soak up some sun.


We stayed on a full board basis (breakfast, lunch, Dinner & alcoholic and no alcoholic drinks. This nautical-themed restaurant let us enjoy urban fine dining experience in the heart of the wilderness with a sea view.



Ulagalla Resort, a boutique hotel with a touch of traditional elegance and aristocracy, offers a unique experience of luxury amidst a natural, remote, and uninhabited environment.

A gem amongst the Anuradhapura hotels, it is nestled in a sprawling 58-acre lush green garden with a 150-year-old mansion at its centre, rich with cultural heritage and historical significance. Interposed within this natural habitat, there are 25 villas with private pools, cautiously designed and built to maintain the ecological balance of the surroundings.

If you cherish adventure tourism or value visiting majestic archaeological sites, Ulagalla is the place to visit. This is after all the land where great Kings once reigned. It is a 30-minutedrive to the archaeological sites in Anuradhapura and an hour away from the great rock fortress of Sigiriya, now a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Ulugala has 20 luxury private villas on offer - we stayed Ulagalla Pool Villa which was stunning. Each of the villas boasts king-sized beds, cosy sofas, wooden floors, spacious terraces and of course, no pool villa would be a pool villa with out our very own private infinity pool. Also if this wasn’t cool enough all villas come with bicycles so you can explore the surrounding nature easily.

Click here to see the full accommodation on their website


With wattle built walls and foliage surrounding, the luxurious spa at Ulagalla has an inconspicuous appearance and giving a peaceful experience for whoever indulgeces in the pampering on offer.


A huge center pool in the middle of the beautiful 58 acre surroundings. We spent the afternoon watching all the monkeys swing around the trees where hammocks hung below.


Again, here we stayed on a full board basis (breakfast, lunch, Dinner) and had the pleasure of enjoying their carefully crafted fine dining experience at the main restaurant.

They definitely come to the party, offering the best and freshest locally-produced ingredients, some of which comes from their own gardens and the surrounding paddy fields. We particularly enjoyed their baby jackfruit curry – completely vegan and sourced from their jack fruit trees. Delicious.


24-Hour Assistance | IDD Telephone | Laundry | Foreign Currency Exchange | All Major Credit Cards Accepted | In-Villa Safe | Valet Parking | Library | 24 Hour Security | Gym | Spa

If you feel like you would like to know anything else about Uga Escapes or want to see their other hotels they have to offer click here.

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