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Living in New Zealand gave us the chance to travel around the South Pacific; Samoa, Fiji, New Caledonia but there was one place left to explore. The one we had been postponing because it was said to be the most expensive. That magical island was TAHITI, popular for the colourful culture and the romantic ambience. We are not going to lie; it was a bit pricier than the rest of the South Pacific, but well worth it! With its warm-water lagoons, turquoise water, rich marine life, food, spas and inviting Tahitian dances, this lil’ piece of heaven on earth is the ‘IT’ spot to be.


Tahiti is the largest island in the French Polynesia, located in the South Pacific archipelago. From above it can bee seen as a “number 8”, and it's divided into two sections, Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti. With black-sand beaches (yes, you read it right), lagoons, waterfalls and two majestic extinct volcanoes, it's been a popular destination amongst couples, honeymooners, or anyone looking for the greatest escape. So when Dan asked, “shall we take our next adventure to the French Polynesia?”, I was already done packing!

Getting there is easier than what you think. The flight from Auckland to Papeete is only a six-hour ride, and less than 8 hours by air from LAX airport, with daily nonstop flights. As soon as we landed we rented a car; transport is a must as there are many places to visit. A cheaper option would be a scooter if you don’t mind the heat.

While some travellers might stay in luxurious resorts, others can opt for more affordable options like guesthouses to avoid breaking the bank.


Our first stop was Teahupo’o, a village on the southeast coast of the island, known for its powerful surf break sometimes reaching 2 to 3 meters, and 7 meters at its best! This is the break that has seen king Kelly Slater champion in many occasions through out the years.

It is very common for the locals to approach you and ask if you wanna take a lil ‘boat trip to see the gigantic waves close up. Highly recommended, it’s affordable and a unique experience. 

After a few days in the bigger island, we packed our bags and we took the ferry to Moorea. This was the high point of our trip. When we got there a wise old lady said to us, “You will leave Moorea, but Moorea will never leave you”, and she was right!

Turquoise water, emerald green cliffs and epic sunsets are some of the highlights of this gem. You won’t need Photoshop before posting your pictures, as the colours are truly stunning. It’s perfect to swim amongst sharks, rays and the most colourful fish that you could ever ask for.

A must do, whale watching, or if you are up for adventure why not swimming with them? Moorea has it all! To witness some of these giant peeps playing with their babies is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have.

Now you can’t say we haven’t told you! Go discover the magic of these islands and find out why they are one of the world's most desirable holiday destinations. Mauruuru Tahiti and Nana Parahi Araua'e! (Thank you Tahiti and Goodbye!)

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