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AAct 3.8.6 Test 2 Portable oddwaik




" [Normal,New] seb128: any idea why it's not in the queue? or if it should be? micahg, did you push your commit to the git tree? seb128: yes, as soon as I get confirmation that the build in the PPA works, I'll upload thanks seb128: I can't get confirmation until tomorrow, sorry micahg, no worry, I can upload if you don't have time seb128: no, I think it's good to make sure it's in the queue ok seb128: could you please NEW the pkgbinarymangler's? pitti, doing seb128: cheers hey seb128, do you happen to know if there is a chance we'll be able to get the autopkgtests for gwibber passed on the weekend? (or at least for the start of the week) dpm, I guess it's mostly their luck, but I think we are frozen so it's going to be hard to get those passed seb128, actually, it's not that hard - they're already passed in the beta-proposed series the package was not in main, but was in universe dpm, oh, right ;-) dpm, let's hope it stays there yeah, I guess so dpm, can you send your list of bugs on the upgrade page? I'll do it now. It's not at least from a UI point of view, but they might also be from code changes. Anyway, not many, so I should be able to get them all in one go. Thanks! dpm, thanks mterry, I think I found why seb128, yeah?




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AAct 3.8.6 Test 2 Portable oddwaik

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